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Welcome to the big3usa
Our journey began over 4 years ago, in 2018 we decided to share it online and invite other families to join us. The mission is simple workout as a family twice a week, read 1 kids book a week and perform a random act of kindness every week. We have weekly discussions about our activities, what did we learn? what did they like about the book they read? what didn’t they like? how did they feel helping someone? what could we do next? Join us by entering your information below, there is no cost! It’s Free! You will receive a monthly newsletter with ideas and activities we did. We ask that you share your activities with us.

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About Us

Our Vision
We want to encourage families to spend time outdoors exercising together, have discussions about books the kids are reading and perform acts of kindness on a weekly bases. We hope to motivate families by sharing our journey. We ask that you make a commitment to your family and make these three steps part of your weekly task.

Our Story
It started 4 years ago, we put together around 100 toys for kids in the Dominican Republic, while visiting a very poor village, we asked a local to let us show our kids their home. The entire home was one small room. Our oldest son asked on of the kids “where is your toy room” We realized at that moment our kids had no idea how blessed they are. We started finding ways to give back: feeding the homeless, toys for poor kids, cleaning the beach, etc. Anything to give back and show them empathy for fellow humans.

Our Team

Abe Tejada
Dad, Air Traffic Controller, passion for Mountain biking and fitness.

Alejandra Tejada
Mom, Hair Stylist, passion for fashion and fitness.

Sebastian and Mattias
Big brother, passion for Soccer and Fortnite. Little brother, passion for Basketball and Roblox.

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Join us by entering your email below, there is no cost! It’s Free! You will receive a monthly newsletter with ideas and activities we did. We ask that you share your activities with us.

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If you are in the south Florida area and would like to donate used toys, please contact us, we will pick them up and send you pictures of the kids you have helped.
We give a homeless person a break! Hotel for 3 nights, shower, hair cut, shave, manicure, pedicure, new clothes, restaurant dinner and sign them up for a local shelter to get their lives back on track.
Twice a month we cook at home, have the kids make bags with food, chips, cookies and water. We then drive to downtown and deliver the food to our homeless friends.
We love the beach! Every beach visit we pick up 30 pieces of garbage each. Help keep the beach clean, marine life appreciates it and the boys learn about taking care of the planet.


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How much is your program?

Free! We only ask you to make the commitment and share your experience with us.

Why should I join?

By joining you will be making a commitment to your family and get a monthly reminder along with ideas of activities.

How do we contact you?

Email us at thebig3usa@gmail.com We will do our best to help you with anything you may need.

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